My Words

The launching of the private sector television was in itself a challenge, which through hard work and stability we have successfully accomplished . As we come to this stage passing through various ups and downs, we have spread all over the country, region and finally the globe. The GEM Group has occupied a wide space in media industry by running its various television channels and subsidiary companies. GEM Group has been established as a prestigious company which had expanded rapidly through remarkable short duration.This characterizes our professional expansion and success. 


A significant portion of the credit for this success is achieved with the love, GEM Group has received from our viewers.  In this backdrop, what is true is that we are growing with your support and are making efforts for further expansion.

We have been providing our viewers with various types of platforms and programs ,So people can now enjoy the real entertainment through our 12 TV stations or online platform which is designed to fulfill every member of the family's wants and needs. 


For GEM, viewer's satisfaction remains our first objective.

Today, I can proudly say that GEM Group fulfills the largest part of farsi speakers free time, Our aim for 2014 is to expand our viewership and market through intelligent and innovative methods and to improve our image in international media market...